Topic outline

    • newaxis in numpy, Lambda, Map, Filter, Reduce, Closure, Pickle,

      Collections (Counter, Deque, Namedtuple, OrderedDict)

  • Basic SQL

    • Opened: Monday, 20 February 2023, 12:00 AM
      Due: Monday, 27 February 2023, 12:00 AM

      Do all the exercises using koha_pblib database

      1. List all titles of the book authored by more than one person
      2. List the authors who has authored maximum number of titles
      3. List Subject wise classification of count of titles
      4. List the borrower who has borrowed maximum number of books
      5. List the borrowers enrolled in the year 2022
      6. List the borrowers and the number of currently issued books
      7. Give the count of items that have not been issued
      8. Give the count of biblio that have not been issued. (Note: there may be multiple items for a given a biblio)
      9. Which title is issued maximum number of times? (title to be read as biblio)
      10. Which are the titles that have been issued only once?
      11. If weekly fine is Rs5/- list the borrowers and the fine they owe to library (hold period is 15 days)
      12. Find all the missing biblionumber in biblio
      13. List the items (itemnumber, title, callnumber) accessioned in a date range
      14. List title and subtitle of bilbio. (This one is tricky)

  • SQL Wndow Functions

  • SQL Mixed Bag topics

  • SQL Stored Procedures

  • Python Pandas

  • Not so basic python

  • MongoDB

  • Topic 8

  • Topic 9

  • Topic 10